ASHleigh Hecimovich


I was born in Palmer, Alaska and have lived in the Valley my whole life.  I began studying piano when I was seven and have been playing and studying music ever since.  I graduated from UAA with a BMus Ed degree in 2011. I taught piano to pay for college, and now it's my full time job.  I grew up in various different Protestant denominations, and since the age of 15 always had a job playing at one or several churches at the same time.  In 2008 I was hired to play one Mass at St. Michaels and ended up falling in love with the church.  I converted in 2009 and became the music director soon after. In 2012 I married my husband Quintan and we just had a little girl in 2015.  I love playing for Mass and studying the liturgy and greatly enjoy training up my students and music ministers to play and sing for Mass and understand the role of music in the liturgy.