Behold! How good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell in unity!

—Psalm 133— 

  • Whole Community Faith Formation & Breakfast

  • This brings all parishioners together on the Lord’s Day for the Sacred Liturgy, community building, and faith formation immersed in the Sunday Scriptures and teachings of the Catholic Church. The day includes Mass at 8 or 11 a.m., a continental breakfast at 9—9:30 a.m., and interactive and informative age specific group faith formation at 9:30—10:45 a.m. for all ages. Nursery care is also available at no cost during these gatherings so parents of babies and toddlers can participate. Catechists and high school Catechist Aides are needed for preschool—12th and adult faith formation. Contact: Joanne Rousculp @ (907) 745-3229.

  • Volunteers prepare and serve a buffet-style breakfast for parishioners. Served after 8 a.m. Mass and before Faith Formation classes on Sundays during the school year. This is a fun and nourishing ministry, perfect for a small group or family! Contact: Joanne Rousculp @ (907) 745-3229.

  • Men’s Prayer Breakfast

    A monthly gathering normally on the 3rd Saturday each month for men of all ages to share a meal, pray together, and partake in a meaningful discussion. All men are welcome! Contact: Charlie Ess @ (907) 746-0458.

  • Conquest Boys Group

    This is a youth ministry for boys to grow in knowledge of their Catholic faith, friendship with Christ, and make a difference and positive impact on their families, friends and in the world around them. Contact: Joel Davidson and Russel Grandel.

  • Kateri Circle

    A prayerful gathering for Native Americans that includes fellowship and food. Kateri is the first American Born Saint. This group meets at St. Michael on the 4th Wednesday at 11:30 a.m.—1:30 p.m. of each month and at Sacred Heart Parish in Wasilla on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. There is also a Native Mass for this group at St. Anthony Parish in Anchorage at 5:30 p.m. on the 3rd Saturday each month. Contact: Jan Barrett @ (907) 745-2889 or Mary Black @ (907) 373-0660 or (907) 238-2209.

  • Third Order Franciscan Community

    This is a Third Order Secular Franciscan Community of Catholic men and women in our Archdiocese dedicated to a deeper walk in the gospel life through prayer and service to the Church and our communities where we live. The group meets once each month (second Saturday’s) in the Shield’s Center at St. Michael Parish in Palmer. Contact: Cathy Adler, OFC @ (907) 775-0845.

  • KNIGHTS of Columbus

    The Knights of Columbus is a fraternal organization for Catholic men dedicated to the principles of charity, unity, fraternity and patriotism. The Knights meet twice a month at the parish and provide service throughout the parish and the Valley. Contact: the Front Desk @ (907) 745-3229.

  • Youth Ministry (Young Adult [18-30]; High School; Middle School)

  • Youth Ministry is much more than a “youth group.” Youth thrive and grow in their faith when the entire parish engages and welcomes them. Organized activities include high school fellowship, weekend retreats, faith formation, a youth ministry team, confirmation preparation for high school teens, pilgrimages, service projects, and more. Contact: Maggie Giroux @ (907) 745-3229.

  • For meeting times and up-coming events, check out our Youth Ministry Page, here.


    It is a type of phone tree where all are encouraged to call the Prayer Line and then pray for the particular individual in need. Contact: Patty Haugom @ (907) 761-3512.

  • Other Opportunities to Serve Together in the Parish

    • SACRAMENTAL SPONSORS: Sacramental sponsors are critical aids to our members approaching the Sacraments, helping them to make a fruitful reception of the Sacraments and to persevere in the Christian life. Sponsors are needed for catechumens in R.C.I.A., for those seeking Confirmation, for couples preparing for Marriage, and for parents preparing to have their children baptized. Contact: Joanne Rousculp @ (907) 745-3229 or Deacon Harry Moore @ (907) 746-6369.

    • PARISH CLEANING: For the glory of God and the benefit of souls, we are looking for 52 families or teams to take one weekend of the year to clean the worship space, entrance area, parish hall, basement, and kitchen. Each group would commit to roughly 1.5-2.5 hours on a Saturday and 0.5-1 hour on Monday. Contact Rev. Mr. Kevin Klump @ (907) 229-7827.

    • FUNERAL RECEPTIONS: How necessary it is for Christians to assist each other in times of morning so that “the common sorrow swallow up our sorrow and shut out the bitterness of our own grief.” A beautiful way to do this is to help with parish funeral receptions: Preparing food, helping set up, serve, and cleaning up. If you are moved to serve in this ministry: Contact: Danielle LaFrance @ (907) 745-4707.

    • COFFEE & DONUTS: Volunteers pick up the donuts at Safeway each Sunday morning and bringing them to the church. Contact us @ (907) 745-3229.

    • SNOW REMOVAL: Few things build community like shoveling snow together. Let us know if you would be willing to help plow the parking lot and clear church entry ways @ (907) 745-3229.

    • GENERAL HANDYMAN WORK: If you would like to help us with routine maintenance work such as patching drywall, painting, carpentry, electrical, etc., let us know @ (907) 745-3229.

    • LAWN CARE AND LANDSCAPING: If you would like to help us with mowing the church’s lawn with our riding lawn mower once a week, occasionally watering, fertilizing, and trimming the trees during the summer, let us know @ (907) 745-3229.

    • NURSERY: Our community has a well furnished and clean nursery located in the church basement. Parents can be confident about leaving their babies and toddlers there during adult faith formation as well as during other church sponsored events during which the nursery is often open and staffed. Teenage and adult volunteers are always needed for this ministry. Those 16 and older are required to have a background check and safe environment training to serve in this ministry. If you have questions regarding the nursery or if you are interested in volunteering, contact: Joanne Rousculp @ (907) 745-3229.

    • PROFESSIONAL CONSULTATION: Willing to offer your professional area of expertise to help parishioners (e.g., helping with estate planning, if you are a lawyer)? Let us know @ (907) 745-3229.

    • TELEPHONE MINISTRY: If you are willing to receive lists of parishioners and call from your home to remind them of upcoming events such as shifts at Slippery Gulch or Pastoral Council Meetings, let us know @ (907) 745-3229.

    • SURPRISE ME: If you are open to receive a call to help with specific special projects and events as the need arises, let us know @ (907) 745-3229.

    • ON-CALL OFFICE HELP: If you are interested in serving in the office on a temporary basis as needed for special projects or in the absence of the parish secretary, let us know @ (907) 745-3229.

    • ON-CALL RECEPTION HELP: If you are interested in preparing food, helping set up, serving, and cleaning up for occasional varying receptions, let us know @ (907) 745-3229.

    • VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL: If you are interested in helping Help a team of adults and teens plan this annual event, let us know @ (907) 745-3229.

    • FATHER & DAUGHTER VALENTINE’S DAY DANCE: If you are interested in serving on the team of people that plans this annual event, let us know @ (907) 745-3229.

    • FINANCE COUNCIL: This is a group of adults, who share a knowledge of Human Resource and financial investment and management skills. They meet quarterly or more often as needed, especially in the springtime when they oversee the ongoing budgetary process for the parish. Contact: Joe D’Amico @ (907) 746-6036.

    • PARISH COUNCIL: The Pastoral Council creates an environment that enables all baptized Catholics to become persons of faith, living and sharing in ministry and community, encouraging all to live their baptismal call as they grow in their relationship to God. Its mission is to provide pastoral planning for the faith community that it serves. Through extensive prayer, listening, discernment, and learning the council assists the pastor in identifying and assessing the gifts and needs of the faith community; to clarify the parish’s mission; and to develop and initiate pastoral plans to serve the mission for the Kingdom of God. Contact: Father Michael Shields @ (907) 745-3229.